PAiLS by Chris Brady

PAiLS by Chris Brady

Winner of a 2015 Reader's Legacy Award.  “
Your place in this world is an address only you can occupy.”
Learn how to fulfill your unique purpose and live the life you’ve always wanted as bestselling author and successful entrepreneur Chris Brady helps you find meaning and direction in life.
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PAiLS by Chris Brady

With his newest book PAiLS, New York Times bestselling author Chris Brady leads you through the adventure of your life like a veteran tour guide and provides a fresh approach to finding meaning along the way. His creative PAiLS illustration and ziggurat / layer-cake construct help you determine a clear direction toward living the life you’ve always wanted. He shows you how all that you have seen and done so far, even your mistakes, are just stepping stones for your next ascent in fulfilling your purposeful calling and contributing to the world what only you can. You will learn that:


It’s not as important to succeed

As it is to matter,

And you’ll likely accomplish the former

If you shoot for the latter.

Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
By Don & Diann Schultz
This book will change your thinking about life. For the young person, there is help in identifying what you are uniquely created to do and how to prepare. For a retiree, it helps remind you of what you have accomplished and what to look forward to now. For a single, it is a reminder that a fulfilled life is not about a single event - like marriage- but a group of experiences that prepare you for the next group of experiences that help you create a monument of your life to honor your Creator.
A must have!5/29/2014
By Brandon Perry
Absolutely amazing book. Chris has a great way of teaching big lessons in an easy to learn and fun way. Learning how to seek a purpose is a very important journey in your life. He unpacks your life in layers, like that on a cake. He also provides insight into what you will experience along that journey. And towards the end he also ties it into growing as a leader and ultimately leaving a legacy. But more important he points it back to God and seeking His purpose for your life and understanding that purpose comes from one source, Him. Will be reading this one for years to come as well as reading it to my children and eventually buying their own copy to write in. Also have been picking up a few extra of these. It's open house season and what better book to get our teenagers and they head off into their journey then PAiLS.
Helped my son learn to love reading!!!!!!!4/24/2014
By Philip & Kristen Brittain
An AMAZING book! My 9 year son (who HATE's to read, struggles with comprehension and vocabulary) picked out this book for us to read together. I have been trying to instill in my son a passion for reading like I recently found. By reading this book aloud to each other, each holding our own copy we read through this book in about a week. my son's comprehension and vocabulary levels have increased dramatically! The biggest news I can rave about is that my son, in his words now says "I used to hate reading, But now I love to read! THANK YOU Chris Brady and LIFE-Leadership for the profound (and I trust, lasting) impact and influence you are in my family! PAiLS is and inspiring book on so many levels!
By Brandon Perry
One of the best books on the LIFE market!
PAiLS Review4/21/2014
By Christopher D. Murphy
Absolutely enjoyed this one as always. Very concise and fast easy read. Good for the young and old alike and it really helps you navigate the "Begin with the end in mind" principal on one hand, while also showing you how today's tasks might apply to your ultimate goal.