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1913 by Oliver DeMille

1913 by Oliver DeMille

This book reveals a major Turning Point of Freedom in America and how to bring about a new Turning Point that will reverse the trend and restore lost freedom and prosperity.
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1913 by Oliver DeMille

Freedom in America has decreased over the last century and seems to be diminishing more rapidly as time goes on. Many are concerned for the future of the nation and wonder where things went wrong and how to repair the damage. In the book 1913, Oliver DeMille answers these questions by illuminating three critical events of 1913 which, combined with a corresponding event in 1936, constituted a Turning Point away from freedom and by detailing three practical solutions for restoring America’s freedom and revitalizing her prosperity. With the implementation of these solutions, the future of America is still very bright.

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
Must Read!12/23/2013
By Sean Kienle
This book must be read by everyone! Very educational and inspiring.
Outstanding Book8/11/2013
By Kathryn Trudell
This book was outstanding. It provided excellent, much-needed information about forgotten American history and attacks on the Constitution and our freedom. There have been people in our government who have another agenda for America. This book exposes forgotten historical events in language that is interesting and easy to understand. A must for citizens who are concerned about the direction in which this nation is being taken.
By Evan Gonsalves
This was a great book. Everyone should read this and understand the freedoms we are losing in the Western world.
One of the Best!!5/13/2013
I honestly believe this is one of the most important books to read if you are concerned with the way this country or world is going. It is very educational! I definitely recommend it to EVERYONE!!
By Larry & Stacey Allswede
A must read book for those who aspire a self directed education!
By Dr. Dwight Tamanaha
I introduced this book to a potential city school council who's raving about this necessity book of the American foundation. Barely can keep enough on hand. People are hungry for this information.
Must read .... for EVERYONE!8/6/2012
By SJ Barakony
Read this book if you’re at all interested in freedom, its roots, and where the West (primarily the US & Canada) diverted from the foundations that the Founding generation built. Mr. DeMille has put in his 10,000 hours and therefore meets the exacting standard as an expert in freedom, so the reader can undoubtedly put his/her trust in the research, facts, conclusions, and the recipe for freedom’s renewal that he lays out. The book’s title drives right to the core/thesis: The year 1913, just less than a century ago, was the turning point to a ‘force’ shift that has led to what we have today, which is far removed from free enterprise and has spawned a current day Western world in which prosperity is more limited than it ever was in the 140+ years from the Declaration in 1776 up to that landmark year. 
By Bill Ogden
In 1913, DeMille explains why, when we vote for a change in direction, we get the same old results. He describes how the three events in 1913 and one more in 1936 have shaped the tax and spend world we live in today. The good news is the freedom can be restored and DeMille tells us the who and how. A must read for those concerned with the restoration of Liberty.
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