Life's Super App

Earn while you learn.

The Benefits

Subscribe to Life’s Super App to take advantage of the unique combination of both Earning and Learning.


As a subscriber, you are connected to a unique shopping and savings platform with exclusive products, services, discounts, incentives and rewards. You can earn immediate cash back, virtual currency, and even credits toward a dream vacation!


Unique to the Super App, your subscription grants you access to a vast personal and financial development platform aimed at creating the greatest version of you. So while your earnings continue to grow, you can as well!

The Super App: grow on the go in more ways than one!

1. Cash Back

Earn immediate, cash rewards at hundreds of national brands at thousands of locations.

2. Travel Discounts & Trip Credits

Get great deals on travel. Also, each month, Super App Subscribers are awarded 30 Trip Credits that can be immediately redeemed on hotels, or saved and redeemed later towards a cruise or even a trip to Hawaii!

3. Virtual Rewards

Similar to airline frequent-flyer miles, earn Life's virtual currency called dibs. Redeem dibs for additional merchant purchases and exclusive trips.

4. Coupons

Merchant discounts are stackable with any other coupons, offers, or rewards.

5. Groupon

Without leaving Life's Super App, take advantage of all the savings Groupon has to offer in your area.

6. Rascal Radio

Rascal Radio is a personal development radio station with over 3,000 teaching audios in the categories of personal, financial, and professional development. You’ll hear from best-selling authors, Inc Magazine top leadership experts, Guinness World Record holders, and more! With three available languages (English, Spanish, and French) you can completely customize your listening experience by language, topic, and speaker. You can even download content for offline use.

7. Financial Fitness Program

Our best-selling product of all time, the Financial Fitness Program, is also included in the Super App. Thousands of people across the world have learned this program’s timeless principles of getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and prospering in any economy. You’ll have instant access to its life-changing content including an eBook, eWorkbook, nine teaching audios, an audiobook, and 50 brief instructional videos highlighting principles of sound Financial Literacy.

8. Security

Using a localized encryption method, our payment processing provides more security than just using a debit or credit card to make purchases.

9. Compensation

Earn income by connecting others to our mobile app.

We donate $1 from each purchase of the Life Accelerator to promote literacy.