Tim Marks, Business Leader, Author and Life Coach

Bestselling author of Voyage of a Viking (Winner of a 2013 Silver ADDY and a2013 Living Now Book Awards Bronze Medal) and Confidence of a Champion Tim Marks is a cofounder of LIFE Leadership. He is a recognized expert in building successful leadership communities. As a business leader, LIFE Coach, and mentor, he speaks to tens of thousands of people every year. His success philosophy includes a strong focus on developing a results-driven business culture. He has been described as living on “results food, not activity food.” He champions self-improvement by setting his own strong example of personal growth. Tim has been credited by Orrin Woodward as being the fastest leader in LIFE Leadership at going from “problem identified to problem solved” in matters of personal and professional development.

Tim is a consummate overcomer. Dyslexic and faced with major challenges in school, he fought back against his personal limitations and is now a voracious reader who personally oversees a Christian book-of-the-month program for leaders across the world.

As a business leader, Christian, husband, and father, Tim embraces the mantra: “Know why you believe what you believe.” With this, he gently encourages people to challenge their own beliefs about faith and seek the truth about why we are all here and what our greater purpose in life can be.

Background: Tim Marks’s story is one of overcoming personal setbacks to achieve tremendous success. Tim struggled greatly in school. He was eventually diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia, but not before watching his grades slip to Ds and Es and giving up entirely on academics by sixth grade, convinced he was behind the other students and couldn’t catch up. He became a welder after he finished high school, but he always had dreams of greater success. While he was working his way through night school to become an electrical engineer, Tim’s dreams of financial freedom inspired him to start his own real estate business. But it wasn’t until he became an avid student of leadership principles that his entrepreneurial endeavors started to bring him the real success he had dreamed of, and he ended up cofounding LIFE Leadership to help others achieve their dreams as well.

Publications: In Voyage of a Viking: How a Man of Action Can Become a Man of Grace, Tim combines leadership wisdom with personal anecdotes to share his inspirational story of personal growth and bring his message to life. He explains how he earned the nickname “The Viking” from his colleagues, revealing his rough and hurtful behavior of the past, and he describes his journey toward healing. Through prayer, mentorship, and hard work, he sanded down the many rough edges of his personality to eventually become a man who leads and inspires multitudes of people.

With his book Confidence of a Champion: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be by Letting Go of Lies from the Past, Tim demonstrates that it’s never too late for people to start living the life they’ve always dreamt of. This powerful exposition on building confidence helps readers learn to know their worth and live life to the fullest as they recognize their strengths, talents, and inherent value as unique and irreplaceable beings.

Professional Achievements: Tim is a cofounder, LIFE Coach, and Policy Council Board Member of LIFE Leadership and an award-winning bestselling author. He also writes his own leadership blog.

Work” Experience: Tim has worked as a welder, an electrician, and a maintenance supervisor. When he left his job working for a major automotive supplier at the age of thirty-one to become a full-time entrepreneur, he was finishing his degree in electrical engineering and had been fast-tracked on a leadership development plan to become the head of engineering and oversee maintenance, robotics, tooling, and facilities.

Family: Tim is a devoted family man to his wife Amy and their four children.

Charitable Focus: On top of financially supporting various charities, Tim has donated his personal time and energy to giving back to the less fortunate, having visited the favelas of Brazil and the earthquake-affected country of Haiti in 2010. Tim also serves as Secretary of the Board of the nonprofit organization All Grace Outreach, which focuses on spreading the gospel of Christ and helping abused, abandoned, and distressed women and children.

Hobbies and Interests: Tim passionately enjoys fishing, spearheading the tongue-in-cheek “People Protecting the Tarpon Population” organization, and playing football with his boys.

Countries Visited: Tim has enjoyed traveling to Canada, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Poland, France, England, Wales, Ireland, Spain, the British Virgin Islands, Haiti, and Brazil.

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