Claude Hamilton

About Claude

  • In the business world, Claude is known first and foremost for his character, courage, and convictions. He is well-respected for the leadership and unsurpassed character he brings to the table and strives to practice daily what he firmly believes and teaches.
  • As a passionate promoter of the principles of success, Claude has an exceptional gift for bringing lasting personal change to the lives of others. His drive, determination, and character make him a powerful leader who inspires those around him to reach for their dreams.
  • From very humble beginnings growing up in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada, Claude joined the military at the age of seventeen and moved to Nova Scotia for basic training. It was there that he began a successful career as a Navy diver and met his wife Lana.
  • Just out of basic training, Claude and Lana were posted to Halifax and soon discovered that life in the military would not help them realize their goals and dreams. Claude soon started a business and five years later left a promising military career at the young age of twenty-five to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Claude has invested almost twenty years developing an international business that now affords him and his family a lifestyle of choice and financial freedom.

Major Publications

  • Claude released his very first book, Toughen Up!: Basic Training for Leadership and Success in 2013. In it, he teaches life lessons from the unique and invaluable experiences he had in the military and as an entrepreneur. He shares his own personal stories of his dreams, struggles, and victories that enabled him to pinpoint the Eight Strengths (Attitude, Courage, Character, Duty, Honor, Relationships, Passion, and Tenacity) of real toughness in leadership and success. Claude’s inspiring example and explanation of the true meaning of each of these strengths help readers develop the emotional toughness to carry them through the most difficult of challenges in all areas of life and become all that God created them to be. (Purchase his book here.)

Additional Information

  • Professional Achievements: Claude served his country as a Navy diver in the Canadian Armed Forces and is a cofounder, Life Coach, and Policy Council Board Member of Life. He is also a bestselling author and a speaker who teaches the principles of leadership and success to many thousands of people across the globe every year.
  • Family: Claude is deeply committed to his family and takes great pleasure in being a father. Family comes first, and Claude is a strong protector of the ones he loves. He and his wife Lana have planted deep family roots in Nova Scotia and built a home in Fall River, where they live with their two small boys, Wyatt and Gryffin.
  • Charitable Focus: Claude sits on the Board of Directors for All Grace Outreach, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the primary focus of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and helping abused, abandoned, and distressed children and widows.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Claude enjoys spending time with family, adventure, traveling, reading novels, working outdoors (chopping wood!), business development, professional networking, mentoring others, and working hard to be the best example he can be to his business partners, friends, and loved ones.

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