"If I only knew then what I know now..."

There is no age limit on success. This series consists of one audio per month designed to impart the principles of success to preteen and early teens and give them the information we all wish we had learned earlier!

EDGE Features

Compete for Success

Get a competitive edge on achieving success while you’re young.

Learn Success

Learn from bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, top business leaders, guest speakers who have achieved success in a wide array of careers and youth who are already making leadership waves.

Receive Principles

Receive insight into timeless principles and effective strategies for success from those who have spent a lifetime discovering them through personal trial and error and years of research.

Boost yourself

Boost your leadership ability, self-confidence, drive, and motivation with hard-core, no-frills self-improvement advice and information.



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The EDGE series includes 1 monthly audio.
Physical and Digital Available

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