Financial Fitness Services

The Financial Fitness Services subscription is all-inclusive product that provides personal and business protection, professional legal representation, and tracking and saving features designed to support the principles taught in the Financial Fitness Program and Beyond Financial Fitness.

LLR Corporate

Based on the New York Times bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution, the LLR Corporate education program is designed not to train employees but to develop leaders. Leadership development is arguably the single most important investment any company can make. The leader creates the culture; the culture delivers the results.

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All Grace Outreach

All Grace Outreach is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that offers a monthly subscription consisting of one audio and one book. Its purpose is to foster spiritual growth and development and strengthen people in their Christian walk. Any profits from the subscription are used for charitable purposes.

Edge Series

There is no age limit on success. This series consists of one audio per month designed to impart the principles of success to preteen and early teens and give them the information we all wish we had learned earlier!


Freedom isn’t free! In this stimulating monthly subscription consisting of one audio per month, learn the principles of freedom and what you can do to preserve it in your society.

Total Personal Development

Total Personal Development is your all-in-one personal development product and is the most comprehensive product on the market for those who want to excel in every area of their life. Each segment of the subscription is included for a specific purpose to help people grow in their career, relationships, finances, business, and more and is ideal for the person who is busy and on the go.

Rascal Radio

Rascal Radio is the world's first online/mobile customizable personal development radio station. A lot like Pandora does with music, Rascal Radio randomizes talks by some of the world's top leadership experts, life coaches, best selling authors, and speakers. Sort by speaker, category, and language to create customized stations that speak just to you!

Wealth Habits

The Wealth Habits subscription was created to help you develop the long term habits of the wealthy in small, ongoing training sessions. Easily worked into a busy schedule, this monthly audio subscription program will teach you not only the timeless principles of the wealthy, but also the timely vagaries of our economic environment. Learn to not only survive, but thrive in any economy.

Life Leadership

The Life Leadership subscription is specifically designed to foster personal growth and development across all areas of life. Consisting of four audios and a specially chosen book each month, this material will help develop new and lasting habits that can have a massive impact over time.