Cash Award

2015 One Time Cash Awards Program

In keeping our promise to help you Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted, we are pleased to present the One Time-Cash Awards (OTCA’s) that any LIFE Member can earn by achieving a new LIFE Rank for the first time in their LIFE career. Each calendar year LIFE will announce the cash awards for hitting a new LIFE Rank for the first time. Many LIFE Members have actually qualified for more that one OTCA in a calendar year.

A Member also has the ability to qualify for an OTCA if their qualification begins at the end of a calendar year and is finished the following year as long as there is no interruption in qualification months. The qualification months must be consecutive. For example, Leader qualification begins in October and then runs consecutively through March of the following year.


In addition to meeting the PV requirements to achieve each rank below, a Member must also meet the following on a consecutive monthly basis.

  1. Generate a minimum of 200 Personal PV, which is the sum of Personal PV plus Registered Customer PV
  2. Generate 50 Customer PV, which can be achieved with a minimum of 25 Registered Customer PV plus a maximum of 25 Self-Reported PV
    • Self-Reported Customer PV does not count toward the 200 Personal PV requirement

Note for new Members:

  1. New Members have until their 6 full month in business to meet the 50 Customer PV requirement

2015 Rank OTCA’s:

Leader 6

This means you have to qualify as a Leader for six months out of the year with at least three months in a row. There are two ways you can qualify as a Leader.

  1. Have a total of 15,000 PV or more with no downline Members with 15,000 points or
  2. If you do have a dowline Member with 15,000 PV in your first Team, you must have 6,000 PV outside of your first Team, which includes all outside Teams, personal volume and customer volume.
Leader 12
Coordinator 6
Coordinator 12
Sr. Coordinator 6
Sr .Coordinator 12
Life Coach 6
Life Coach 12
Executive Life Coach 6
Executive Life Coach 12
Double Life Coach 6
Double Life Coach 12
Triple Life Coach 6
Triple Life Coach 12

Set your OTCA goals for this year and start earning the LIFE You’ve Always Wanted!