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Act like the Mom!


By Terri Brady

When J.R. was 3, I had such an embarrassing night!  I invited my pastor’s wife and daughter over for dinner, since our husbands were traveling together. She innocently asked who would like to say the prayer and J.R. was the first with his hand up. His prayer went like this: “Dear God, please make all these people go away so it can just be our family for dinner.”

There are plenty of things my children say and do that are embarrassingly out of my control. But there is a completely different set of things that my children say or do that is just screaming for me to LEAD. I love it when Orrin Woodward talks about the moments in life when he feels like something is going awry, and someone needs to do something.  Suddenly he thinks, “Woodward, you’re the leader; now act like it!”

There are so many times (a day!) that I have to remind myself of that. “Terri, you’re the mom. Now act like it!”

I think I could confess for hours about this, but here are some areas where I have noticed the“terrorizing” effect of my kids and have had to scream at myself, “Terri, you’re the mom. Now act like it!”

Eating. I must admit, I daily wonder if my kids will like what I am preparing for dinner. It would be so much easier to give chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, and let them deal with the habits as adults. However, when I read anything on 

Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness: Challenge Yourself


By Dan Hawkins

It is amazing today to see all of the ways we will challenge ourselves physically. We will work too many hours, play recreational sports leagues, sign up for a 5K race or start the latest diet and exercise craze, but what about our mental fitness?

All you have to do is log on to the internet and you will read about a 90 day challenge to better health or 90 days to whip you body back into shape! After Jan. 1 of every year health club parking lots are full (at least until Feb.! :) )

Why is it that we find so many ways to take care of our physical fitness but ignore our mental fitness? Don’t get me wrong.  A leader wants to take care of the body he has been given. It’s hard to serve the people you have been blessed to lead if you are sick all of the time or pass away from bad health before you fulfill you purpose in LIFE.

“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

Spanish Proverb

Here is the other problem, we always want the easiest way to get back in shape! Everyone is looking for the quick no pain fix for their physical fitness! The truth is closer to the old saying, “no pain, no gain!”

I was blessed to spend some time in Florida...

Productive Paranoia


By Bill Lewis
I found a very interesting topic in Jim Collins's latest book called Productive Paranoia. Every great company that he followed embraced this concept to a certain degree.  I watched the importance of this first hand.   My mentors, Orrin Woodward  and Chris Brady, are always prepared for what could happen.  The interesting twist was this paranoia did not make them procrastinators. It did not make them scared to make decisions, or have “analysis paralysis”.   It just made them very aware that hard times could come and they should prepare for the worst but not let it affect their end goal or mission.  Most people, especially the choleric or high D personalities think this means not making decisions or having a “sky is falling mentality”.  That just shows how much they need to grow.  Some times "shoot first and then ask questions" can be the end of your company, relationships or finances.  To succeed through difficult times requires some forethought and planning for,  WHAT IF.

One example of this is a team of people, lead by Breashear,  that were climbing Mount Everest to do an IMAX video.  They were at Camp 111 some  24, 500 feet up the mountain.  As they looked down, 3,000 feet below them, there was a group of 50 climbers heading their  way.  He had spent an entire year planning every aspect of this trip and his investors had spent millions of dollars to make this trip successful.  Their goal was to get the best film shots of the journey to the summit and to bring everyone, safely, back down the mountain.  As he was getting ready for the day’s journey and saw those 50 people coming up the mountain.  His productive paranoia started to kick in.

Productive paranoia number one – build cash reserves or buffers in case something goes wrong.  He knew that he had this one licked.  He had prepared for this climb a year before the actual climb.  He had enough gear and reserves, oxygen canisters,  to make it through almost anything or any delay.  He f



By George Guzzardo

Oliver Cromwell is a controversial leader associated with political violence and religious persecution in England during the 1600's.  Born in Huntingdon England in 1599, he was educated at Cambridge and studied law in London. Cromwell will be a disputable figure for anyone taking on the task of studying him.  It would be helpful to picture the time which he lived.  He grew up in the midst of an era where representative governmental structure had yet to be decided.  Religious hostility was the norm as violent persecutions were being waged between the Protestants and Catholics. Religious freedoms and government representation where still a work in progress. Lessons including the workings of branches of government, military leadership and religious faith can be taught by studying him.  

As a landowner and a member of Parliament, Cromwell inherited a variety of issues leading to Civil War.  Economic issues included heavy taxes imposed by King Charles I.  State services were questioned.  Political power seeking money was another burden to landowners who had fines levied by the authorities.  In Parliament, almost all representation had connections to land.  Merchants and land owners were hard pressed with taxes. The land was also in religious upheaval.  The issue of the day was, will the land be united under one common church?  Religious unrest lead to widespread protests.  Ultimately, civil unrest in response to the King's laws and Parliamentary undermining of royal power lead to civil war.  

Cromwell was thrust into command and a period of violence and religious persecution developed from 1642 to 1648.  His military strategies were successful against the king's forces. The combined forces of the Scottish Covenanters and English Parliamentarians under Lord Fairfax defeated the Royalists.  The turning point of the war was the battle of Marston Moor.  According to C.V. Wedgwood, Cromwell's character is associated with high principles

Do You Need to Toughen Up?


By Claude Hamilton

Think about the toughest person you know. What makes them tough? Are they physically strong? Are they able to deal with a lot of stress without showing emotion? Or do they know how to get what they want, no matter what the odds?

When I was in the military, we thought of “toughness” as a purely physical characteristic—how well we could handle physical demands and keep going, despite the challenges. But as I’ve moved through the various phases of my life—as a cadet, a diver, a husband, a father, and a business owner—I’ve redefined the word. I’ve watched those around me build businesses and families, and I’ve noticed that the difference between success and failure seems to come down to one, simple skill: the ability to take punishment and keep your original intentions. That’s how I define “toughness.”

If you’re a parent, think about your goals. Likely, you want to raise a healthy, happy child, guiding them with as much love, patience, and compassion as you can. But what about those long nights of teething and ear infections? The days when you can hardly keep your eyes open? Do you still manage to crawl out of bed when you’re needed and spend the night cradling and soothing your child?

Maybe you’re a business owner. If you are, you probably have a mission statement and a long-term vision for your company. But every business has its own challenges. Whether you’re experiencing an unexpected financial issue, a supply shortage, or a customer service complaint, how you handle it is often the factor that determines the outcome. Do you stay true to your mission statement? Do you continue working toward that ultimate vision?

True “toughness” is shown by the parent who makes it through stomach bugs and teething and still provides all the love and comfort their child needs, night after night. It’s demonstrated by the business owner who, in the face of a customer complaint, keeps their overall goal in mind a

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