Life subscription products deliver timeless truth and are perfect for people who are interested in developing financially, professionally, and personally in order to Live the Life They’ve Always Wanted.

The 3 for Free Program is an incentive for both Life Members and Customers who are current subscribers to a monthly subscription.

    * Not all subscriptions are available in all markets and languages. Please review your product offering prior to enrollment.
    * To Subscribe, go to Access Products > Subscriptions or click here
    * To enroll a new Customer go to Enroll > Customer or click here

Who is eligible?

In order to participate in this program, you must first be a subscriber to at least one of the subscription products.

What is the incentive?

By enrolling at least 3 subscription customers you will receive an award up to the full value of your next month’s subscription. (Excluding tax, shipping, and handling)

What are the details?

  • Your award is equal to the smallest of the 3 largest subscription referrals.
  • Your award is based on successful subscription transactions and not just subscription commitments.
  • You receive your award the month after it is earned. Life does it all for you!

Examples and Further Detail:

  1. Example 1: If you subscribe to a $50 subscription, and your 3 or more customer subscription total is equal to or exceeds $150, then you will receive a $50 award.
  2. Example 2: If Example 1 isn’t true, you may qualify for a partial award. For example, if you subscribe to a $50 subscription, and you have 2 customers with a $50 subscription and 1 who has a $25 subscription, you will receive a $25 award. The $25 subscription was the smallest of your largest subscription referrals.
    • Your award will be distributed via a mailed check that you will receive by the end of the month following your qualification month.

Subscription Product Offerings:

  • Total Personal Development (TPD) - The TPD subscription is for individuals looking to reach greater levels of success and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. Each component is designed to foster growth in areas such as leadership, personal finance, relationships, and more.

  • Financial Fitness Services - The Financial Fitness Services subscription provides tools to help implement the theory taught in the Financial Fitness training materials. Get your finances on track toward security and prosperity with these amazing, market-proven services all in one handy and affordable monthly subscription.

  • The All Grace Outreach (AGO) Series - The AGO subscription is dedicated to helping people learn Biblical truth and grow spiritually. Subscribers will receive one audio monthly.

  • The Edge Series - Targeted for the next generation, Edge teaches our youth about confidence, self-esteem, leadership and success principles in order to prepare them for the future. One audio is shipped monthly.

  • Rascal Radio - Rascal Radio is the world’s first online/mobile customizable personal development radio station. A lot like Pandora does with music, Rascal Radio randomizes talks by some of the world’s top leadership experts, life coaches, bestselling authors, and speakers. Sort by speaker, category, and language to create customized stations that speak just to you!

  • LLR Corporate Education Program - The LLRC program is one of the most comprehensive leadership development programs on the market. With three, 6 – month courses to choose from, subscribers will be equipped with the right information to lead more effectively in their professional lives.

  • Life Mix - Life Mix is a unique "grab bag" subscription where subscribers receive at least one exclusive audio every month along with an array of specially selected Life products which may include books, audios, swag, or all of the above. You just never know what you are going to get, but who doesn't love a great surprise in the mail each month!

  • Life Series (available in Spanish and French ONLY) - The Life subscription provides a self-directed education for those who want to develop personally in all areas of their life. Whether it’s improving in marriage or parenting skills or developing better people skills to improve in friendships and relationships, the Life series will help you become a more confident person and achieve excellence in all areas of your life. Subscribers will receive 4 audios every month.

  • Book of the month (available in Spanish and French ONLY) - The book of the month subscription is for hungry leaders who learn better by reading. Customers have the opportunity to receive a hand-selected, specially chosen book each month to add to their library and knowledge base.

  • Note: Life App subscriptions are not eligible for 3 for Free.

Earn a subscription reward with the 3 for Free Program today!