There is no hopeless situation where Finances are concerned. Regardless of how long you’ve been in debt or how much you owe, LIFE Leadership can help. Learn the principles of Financial Fitness by understanding the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance. Discover how to gain control, get organized and make your money work for you in any economy. You’ll find that having the knowledge and application of basic financial principles can produce incredible results. We call it “The Money Thing,” and you can never be too smart or too cash savvy.

Our Favorite Finance Products

  • Financial Fitness by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward


    Silver Medal Winner in the 2014 Axiom Business Book Awards and Bronze Medal Winner in the 2014 Living Now Book Awards! Even if you are deep in debt and cannot seem to envision a better financial future, you can achieve financial fitness and have fun doing it with the help of the Financial Fitness book!

  • Economics 201 by Larry VanBuskirk


    Is the world facing a financial crisis? It’s not looking good.

  • Good as Gold - Chris Brady


    This talk is loaded with all kinds of facts about gold and silver you may have never heard before. Including specifics for how to invest in precious metals and the physical possession thereafter, Good as Gold is an education all its own.

  • Financial Fitness Workbook


    Make managing money fun and apply a few simple steps right away to get you started on a path to becoming fiscally fabulous!

  • An Introduction to Financial Fitness by Chris Brady


    Chris Brady uncovers many of the truths that cause people to end up in financial distress.

  • Financial Fitness Budget Sheet Pad (20 sheets)


    Using the Financial Fitness Budget Forms Pad is a fabulous way to keep fiscally fit! This pad includes a year’s worth of forms that help you create a workable budget for every area of life.

  • Financial Fitness by Chris Brady


    In this talk, Chris Brady teaches youth all the ins and outs of personal finance and managing money so they can get a head start on learning how to prosper and thrive in any economy.

  • The Camel in the Tent by Chris Brady


    Join Chris Brady as he walks us through history that’s full of personality and color. Understanding the dynamics of money in this country in conjunction with significant events will give you a deeper understanding of how money really works and how to be money-smart in today’s world.

  • Economics 101 by Larry VanBuskirk


    Learn the truth about our economic outlook and discover the principles and actions that can help you to build a more secure future for yourself and your family.

  • How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger


    There’s one key ingredient that spells the difference between success and failure – not only in selling but in every avenue of life. That magical ingredient is enthusiasm.


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