"At this point in the history of our nation, the healthcare industry has become the most complex leadership challenge of any industry. In the midst of unending federal and state mandates, hospital leaders must be able to encourage and inspire caregivers to deliver the best quality of care possible to patients and families while radically changing the environment in which this care is delivered. As a hospital CEO, I have a duty to ensure that leaders have the tools to create this change and the competency to create a healthy environment for those delivering care. The LLR Corporate Education curriculum gives me the tools to ensure leaders are prepared to serve in this capacity and are inspired to lead through chaos."

—Michael A. Franklin, FACHE, Hospital President and CEO

"Having participated in numerous leadership/team building events costing anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 per event and retaining only 10 percent of the information at best, I felt I had wasted my time and my company’s money. LIFE Leadership’s system of training over a six-month period, providing small units of information that are easily understood and absorbed at a very cost-effective price, is not only revolutionary but pure genius! Thank you, LIFE Leadership, for this great tool."

—Jerry Thomas, Area Sales Manager for Sedona Staffing

"I have used the LLR Corporate Education System…with thirteen of my employees who serve as Human Service Professionals. I chose this series because the LIFE Leadership subscriptions focus on life skills, and as Human Service Professionals, they deal with and teach life skills on a daily basis."

-Greg Johnson, President and CEO of The SRS Group, LLC

"I first started on the LLR series in 2008 as a customer. Listening to the books and CDs every month has been like having the personal mentorship of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other LIFE Coaches every day. Because of the leadership skills I have learned from LIFE Leadership and the LLR Subscription, I have been able to lead a publishing company with offices in the USA, Canada, and Panama, with 25 employees and millions in revenue. All I have is a grade 11 education and LLR."

-—Ken Dunn, Founder & CEO, Next Century Publishing

"The LIFE Leadership personal development materials help our veterinary technician students develop leadership concepts to be successful in their careers."

-Melissa Stacy, CVT Veterinary Technician Program Director

"What has catapulted our company is a Leadership Development Program we started a few years ago. We set aside a half hour in the course of our twice-weekly meetings to discuss books on management, marketing, sales, & personal development. I ask employees to come prepared to discuss a chapter or two. The second meeting we review the LLR Audio of the week as a company.

We've focused on the 8 F's because those are all parts of a balanced life. You can’t be succeeding wildly in one area, while ignoring some or all the other areas.

To me, a window is just a gadget. You can only teach people so much about vinyl and reinforced glass. If they are not succeeding, it typically isn’t lack of product knowledge that’s holding them back, its successful life management skills.

Quillen Brothers was named in the top 100 contractors in America after only 2 years of implementing the LLR leadership system into our culture."

—Robert Quillen, Owner, Quillen Brothers

"I find the LIFE series a perfect turnkey solution to a "lifelong learning" life style. The CD's are capable of creating "aha" moments, telling a interesting story from history, motivating me just when I need motivating, and/or encouraging me just when I need encouraging. I highly recommend it."

—Lou Toarmina, President, Toarmina's Pizza Inc.

"Les techniques apprises à travers le programme de Life leadership m'ont permis d'accroître mes habiletés nécessaires pour faire face à la prise de décision constante, sous pression et instantanée derrière le banc des joueurs, lors des joutes de hockey."

"The techniques I have learned with the LIFE Leadership Program enhanced my abilities, during hockey games, to make, under very much pressure, quick and constant decisions behind the player’s bench."

—Serge Bourgeois, Hockey Coach, Université de Moncton Aigles Bleus