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Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward is an internationally celebrated New York Times bestselling author with over a million books sold and a recognized leader in team leadership, success coaching, and executive management training. As such, he is also a much sought after motivational speaker.

As a natural leader, Orrin noticed that communities are suffering and are no longer safely anchored to solid principles. Concerned that our nation's communities are beginning to drift without a clearly defined, principle-based focus, Orrin cofounded LIFE Leadership.

LIFE fosters the leader-led development of businesses by bringing together four financially successful industries: Home-Based Businesses, Personal Development, Life Coaching, and Community Building.

Systematically crafted around eight main categories (the 8 Fs: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun), LIFE aims to help communities and individuals grow and achieve in all areas of life.

Orrin's and LIFE's goal is to help one million people effectively change their lives forever.

Early in his career, Orrin recognized any business not built on a solid, purpose-focused foundation of true principles is doomed to failure. However, a purpose-driven business can be the vehicle to drive change in people's lives.

Therefore, Orrin and LIFE's stated purpose is to change lives by helping individuals grow into purpose-driven leaders as they develop successful community-based businesses.

Cofounder of LIFE: As a cofounder of LIFE, Orrin is committed to bringing lasting, personal change into the lives of thousands of families. By providing timeless truth and education in each of the 8 Fs of LIFE (Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun) in entertaining, interesting, and personal ways, he is helping to change lives for the better.

LIFE Leadership is not only an effective way to rekindle hope and learn to dream again, it's also an amazing business opportunity that's experiencing tremendous growth!

Most Impactful Accomplishment: Following the launch of LIFE, Orrin and his cofounders, introduced one of their most popular and admired products, The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC). Customers all across North America have raved about the impact the MFC has had on their lives. Orrin's first solo book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE is the core component of this enjoyable and stimulating 90-day program designed to help you "Live the Life You've Always Wanted."

Latest Publication: Orrin Woodward's latest book is a phenomenal success! In a demonstration of the profoundness and timeliness of its message, Orrin Woodward's and Oliver DeMille's LeaderShift quickly won popular acclaim and hit the New York Times bestseller list two weeks in a row. Book signings throughout the United States and Canada sold out rapidly.

Readers all over have been enthralled by this powerful narrative and inspired by the ingenious solutions it propounds for our troubled times. Our world today is on the verge of a momentous LeaderShift that will reframe the twenty-first century and significantly alter the way we govern, lead, and do business. Pick up a copy of this provocative business parable and see what can be done to stop the Five Laws of Decline from eroding your nation's economy!

Other Publications and Awards: Orrin's RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE is not only the core component of LIFE's MFC, but within the first year of publication, it was also named as one of the All-Time Top 100 Leadership Books. And numerous schools and businesses use it to help instill Orrin's powerful, proven, and life-changing leadership principles into the hearts and minds of their students and staff.

And for even greater convenience and implementation of these important principles, Orrin also released his RESOLVED Primer, a compact, highly accessible companion volume to RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE designed by New York Times bestselling author (and Networking Times senior editor) John David Mann to be a quick, easy, and powerful read.

If you want richer relationships, more personal satisfaction, a compelling sense of purpose, and mastery of your finances and business, Orrin's RESOLVED books are for you! Having access to these books is like having one of the most influential leaders in the world right in your own home teaching you how to live your most successful and fulfilling life.

Orrin also cowrote the New York Times bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution along with a number of other critically acclaimed leadership books. (Purchase his books here.)

Orrin is honored to have been named on numerous leadership lists, including the World's Top 25 Leadership Experts on

His highly popular leadership blog has received international acclaim as one of HR's Top 100 Blogs for Management and Leadership and as a Universities Online Top 100 Leadership Blog. You can visit Orrin Woodward's Leadership Blog here.

Additional Business Endeavors: Orrin owns a number of businesses and is the Chairman of the Board of LIFE Training.

Education: Orrin achieved his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute) and business administration training from the University of Michigan.

"Work" Experience: Orrin's professional history has focused on engineering; international business consulting, public speaking, and community building; authoring several books; and last, but not least, serving as a wrestling coach.

Family: Orrin is a devoted family man to his wife Laurie (married in 1991), their four children, and their Golden Retriever Socks.

Charitable Focus: Orrin is committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and assisting less fortunate youth. He is involved in efforts to build churches and orphanages in India and to instill Biblical values in homes around the globe.

Hobbies and Interests: Orrin enjoys yachting, boating, fishing, reading, writing, traveling, wrestling, running, weight-lifting, and Dallas Cowboys football.

Countries Visited: Orrin has enjoyed traveling to Canada, England, Australia, France, Switzerland, Wales, Germany, and Holland, among other locations.

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