Financial Fitness Program

Financial Fitness Program

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Physical Version (8 CD's, 1 Physical Book, 1 Workbook)
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Financial Fitness Program

Economic affairs do not have to be boring or stressful. Anyone can enjoy learning to master personal finance with the easy-to-follow teachings of the Financial Fitness Program. But the material is so solid and comprehensive that even accounting professionals find benefit. CPAs can even earn 22 self-study CPE credits from by completing the material in the Financial Fitness Program and passing an online exam. is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider registered with the NASBA as a QAS Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education, and the CPE credit hours satisfy or exceed the updated AICPA/NASBA guidelines on self-study CPE activated in 2014 for all 50 states and US territories. To access the CPE course learning objectives, review questions, and final exam, please visit

The Financial Fitness Program contains:

Financial Fitness Book (Silver Medal Winner in the Axiom Business Book Awards and Bronze Medal Winner in the Living Now Book Awards)
Financial Fitness Workbook
Financial Fitness Decal
8 Audios:

LLR 452: The Offense and Defense of Personal Finances by Orrin Woodard & Chris Brady 
LIFE 47: Money View by Chris Brady 
LIFE 17: Money as a Slave by Chris & Terri Brady 
LLR 396: The Principles of Financial Management by Orrin Woodward
LIFE 4: Delay Your Gratification by Claude Hamilton 
LIFE 187: Financial Matrix Money System Revealed  by Orrin Woodward 
LLR 403: Camel in the Tent by Crhis Brady 
LLR 493: Good as Gold by Chris Brady

Financial Fitness and Financial Fitness Workbook

Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
financial fitness6/15/2015
By Jean Kilson Despinasse
It is a nice book to read.
So helpful!5/4/2015
By Anne DeBlois
Thank you very much for making this program available! It helped me so much, just paying myself first and investing in my family! Having dealt with debts several years ago before marrying, without even knowing it was the best way to get out of them, I applied the roll-down method and could pay them back fully, without filing for bankruptcy. This was very helpful.
The Mental Fitness Challenge Course12/13/2014
By John & Delma Scott
I purchased this fantastic product the first week it came out through LIFE Leadership. I listened to all the CD’s immediately and started applying what I could remember. A year passed before I was approached by a Business Partner named Larry, to “Become Accountable”. He offered the chance to participate in a Group where we committed to Reading, Listening and Associating 1 time a week. The plan was to Finish the Book, and start Implementing the 47 Principles of good Financial Fitness within the month……WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Good information is one thing, but Information Applied has the chance to become GREAT! If you want to see your Finances start improving, don’t just buy this Mental Fitness Challenge Course, APPLY IT! If you have the ability to apply these principles with an accountability team, procrastination gets thrown out the window. That is what it took for me to really implement this course into my LIFE. We are all left at the end of the day to keep doing what we have always done and get the same results. Or, we can make a decision to fix the problem, CHANGE our Habits with the Right Information, and begin a LIFE of Success…in this case, FINANCIAL Success! John Scott – Former financially poor thinker
Best tool available8/20/2014
By Michael & Susan Waltz
This pack has helped us and so many others track spending, budget, roll down debt, and understand how to navigate the economy. Easy to ready and understand. Budget forms and CD subscription are icing on the cake. Everyone should have one of these packs. Makes a great wedding or graduation gift.
A Must Have for Every Household8/12/2014
By Deonna Moore
This pack saved my financial future! I now have a totally new outlook regarding personal finance, money, and the need for me to be a better steward of what God has given me. The Financial Fitness Pack is the BEST resource for financial literacy!
Truly Life Changing Information... go figures! ;)2/20/2014
By Ian & Emma Cox
One of the best books I've read that connects the dots between purpose, success, and legacy into 47 simple and easily applied principles. A powerful book on detecting and then fulfilling one's stewardship.
A MUST invest tool1/22/2014
By Alfonso Rodriguez
Coming fresh out of college, without a strong sense of personal budgeting. This pack really helped me discover my goals, how to financially plan for them, and many ways to cut unnecessary costs and maximize my check week after week, month after month. Despite currently working a low-wage job, through learning and applying these principles of Financial Fitness, my bills are being paid each month, I'm building a savings account AND my own business! Where ever you are, what ever you do, these down to earth principles can help you become financially fit!
Changed thinking=Changed Financial Results11/30/2013
By James & Keri Storhok
This pack is a major reason why my wife and I have been able to dig out from over $97,000 worth of debt within the last few months. By changing our financial thinking and applying the principles in this pack, we have been able to make more and save more than ever before! Proper information APPLIED definitely produces RESULTS! Thank you LIFE Leadership!!!
The only financial tool needed!9/21/2013
By Douglas & Jaysusan Zwolski
This is the best investment that I made to grow my finical thinking! This financial tool has allowed me to make a few changes in my spending and investing habits to go from $500 in the hole to $850 surplus a month in only three months! That is $1350 shift in my financial plan! This small investment in my thinking has created unlimited return from a one time investment! I am recommending this to everyone that I care about and anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives and the lives of there family and friends! Choose to make a mental shift in your thinking today by investing into your thinking and your financial future today!
WOW! And I thought I was already good with my finances8/31/2013
By Marc-André & Ericka Therrien
Even though I've listened and read about personal finance in the past, this Financial Fitness pack just wraps everything you need to know in one simple, yet powerful bundle of information! This pack is definitely the most important pack for anybody in LIFE community because it sets up for long-term financial success! Great Stuff!
AWESOME PACK!!!!8/19/2013
By Thomas & Michele Abbott
In the short time that we have used this pack we have been able to setup a proper budget, find more ways to lower our bills and begin to actually save money. I look forward now to paying down our debt as we move on to financial freedom. This pack not only helped me save but also look forward to building another asset and taught me more about how money actually works. Chris Brady's Investment Hierarchy is absolutely genius. If you are looking to get out of debt, learn about money and also make money a slave not a master then this is the system for you. May it bless your journey.