Challenge Booster Pack

Challenge Booster Pack

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New Lower Price! Turn on your MFC turbo boosters and speed ahead of the pack when you get the all new MFC Booster Pack. Has the MFC inspired you to dig deeper into your own resolutions? Are you struggling in certain areas and want to learn more? Whatever it may be, the MFC Booster Pack covers it all!
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Challenge Booster Pack

The MFC Booster Pack brings the book RESOLVED by Orrin Woodward to the spotlight by focusing on specifics from each of the resolutions. Each resolution has been turned into a compelling talk by the Life Founders. The first CD is a general intro of the 13 resolutions and then will follow up with 11 more CD talks to strengthen your core mental strength!

Contains 12 audios:

MFC: Overview of the Resolutions by Orrin Woodward
Character - Ludwig VonMises by Orrin Woodward
Belief Destroys the Impossible by Dan Hawkins
Visualize Your Success by George Guzzardo
Plan and Do by Claude Hamilton
What's the Score by Chris Brady
Developing Friendships by Bill Lewis
A Penny Saved by Chris Brady
Leadership Excellence by Claude Hamilton
Conflict Resolution by Bill Lewis
Ray Kroc: Systems and Innovation by Orrin Woodward
AQ by Bill Lewis
Introduction to the Mental Fitness Challenge by Chris Brady
Introduction to the Mental Fitness Challenge by Chris Brady
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Mental Fitness Challenge
Mental Fitness Challenge
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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
An excellent sequel to the original MFC module CDs!9/17/2012
By SJ Barakony
Undoubtedly & unquestionably worth the investment - for those of us who took the MFC on the initial go-around, until we're able to again re-do the MFC, this is a neat sequel of audios that the PC hit a grand slam on! I found much value in the first 16 CDs, and these 14 are just as valuable = mind food squared!
Fantastic Boost!7/23/2012
By Jeff Van Lochem
I just bought this pack and have gone through just a few of the talks and it is absolutely fantastic! It really helps give a lot more clarity to some of the resolutions that are very challenging to understand or implement!