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How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

How confident are you when dealing with others? How do you handle yourself when dealing with strangers? Friends? Family members?

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How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

If you know that you could use a little brushing up when it comes to your people skills (in public or in private) then you can’t afford NOT to add How to Have Confidence & Power in Dealing with People to your self-improvement arsenal.


That’s because author Les Giblin has pulled out all of the stops and shares the secrets of success for dealing with one thing this world is full of: other people!


As different as we all are, people (

ALL people) crave three things universally, the 3 A’s:


·   Acceptance

·   Approval

·   Appreciation


Success is simply a matter of giving them what they want!


Les Giblin’s book focuses on six key areas:


Part I: Making Human Nature Work for You

Part II: How to Control the Actions & Attitudes of Others


III: Techniques for Making & Keeping Friends

Part IV: How Effective Speaking Techniques Can Help You to Succeed

Part V: How to Manage People Successfully &

Part VI: Your Human Relations Work Book


By the book’s end, you’ll be well armed to battle the obstacles you’ll encounter on your quest to become a confident, powerful “people-person.”












































Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars
Great book3/10/2014
By Christopher D. Murphy
This is one of my favorite out of the top five books. Not only does it give you basic laws in human nature - it also helps the deep thinker in understanding that things are simpler then our over analyzing makes us believe. Thanks!
A Must Read!8/23/2013
By Eunice & Gerald Berndt
This book is a short course in human relations! Easy to read and practical with timeless wisdom.
The Most Powerful Book On How To Deal With People3/23/2013
By Luc & Emilie Despres
This book has been a major eye opener for me. I've read countless books on this subject, but nothing has been simpler and as profound as this book by Les Giblin. I will recommend this book to everyone.
How To Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People11/28/2012
By Chris Miller
Definitely a 5. Must have!
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