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Coming Aristocracy, The by Oliver DeMille

Coming Aristocracy, The by Oliver DeMille

America is in grave danger of losing our legacy of freedom and prosperity that was won at so terrible a cost. Why are we sliding down the slippery slope of cultural and societal decay? Why are we losing our freedoms, and how can we reverse this awful trend?

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Coming Aristocracy, The by Oliver DeMille

The Coming Aristocracy is a book for anyone concerned about the decline of America and the steady loss of freedom. More precisely, it is for those dedicated to reversing those trends through education and entrepreneurship.

Drawing from years of intense and exhaustive research, Oliver DeMille demonstrates why social, economic, and political equality are being steadily eroded. He highlights crucial constitutional changes, analyzes the current economic crisis, explains why both liberals and conservatives promote aristocracy, and articulates a comprehensive formula for restoring the American republic.

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Great Book!5/31/2012
By Aaron & Desire Crim
This is a great book. Very informative on the landscape of American Politics and what we can do to help the cause of FREEDOM! I recommend that everyone read this.
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